Baumit GranorporTop White Top Coat (25kg): K1.5mm, K2mm, K3mm (Can be tinted in a wide range of colours. Please call for more information.)


Baumit GranoporTop is a ready mixed wet topcoat for external use. The K1.5mm size ensures a fine finish on a range of external surface types. The unique properties of the product offers superior protection and scratched or dragged decorative properties on suitably prepared surfaces.

Technical Data



Baumit GranoporTop is weather resistant, water repellent, permeable and impact and scratch resistant. It is ideal for high traffic areas or where a tough and hard wearing but fine finish is required. The product is ready mixed and can be applied by hand or spraying machine.

Baumit GranoporTop offers:

  • Decorative yet heard-wearing protection for facades.
  • Weather and water resistance.
  • Highly permeable with algae and fungus resistance.
  • Easy application that cures within 14 days.
  • Flexible application over multiple surface types.

Typical use of Baumit GranoporTop

As a wet topcoat, Baumit GranoporTop has been formulated to offer maximum resistance to weather and use while also being easy to apply. Suitable for a range of prepared surface types including compatible basecoats, lime and cement render, mineral paints and coatings and gypsum plaster, this is a very flexible product for external use.

Baumit GranoporTop requires surface preparation with Baumit UniPrimer before application. It should be mixed slowly and steadily and should not be coloured or mixed with other products. Water (max 1%) can be added to ease application. Allow 14 days between further coatings.


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