Baumit Star Contact White 25kg


Baumit StarContact is a dual-purpose contact mortar that works as an adhesive for façade insulation or as a thin layer basecoat on insulation boards. It is a ready mixed dry adhesive that requires minimum preparation for use. It has very high bonding strength alongside water resistance for maximum flexibility.

Baumit StarContact can be applied over mineral renders, concrete, lime and cement render, masonry and many other prepared mineral surfaces. It can even be applied over stable paint or resin-based renders with the correct preparation.

Technical Data


Baumit StarContact product features include:

  • Strong adhesive properties.
  • Flexible and crack resistant.
  • Dual purpose adhesive or basecoat for insulation boards.
  • Factory mixed requiring minimal preparation.
  • Applicable to many prepared surfaces.

Typical use of Baumit StarContact

Baumit StarContact is a multipurpose basecoat and contact adhesive ideal for insulation boards. Surfaces should be clean, dry and protected from extreme weather during application. Product should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before adding any fixings to adhered insulation boards or allowed to cure for up to 3 days before further coating.

Baumit StarContact should be added to a container of clean water and mixed until it is a smooth, creamy consistency. Leave to stand for five minutes before final mixing. Apply immediately as optimum working time is 90 minutes. Coverage is approximately 4.5-5.5kg/m2 when used as an adhesive and 4-5kg/m2 when used as basecoat.


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