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Ideal for both new and existing buildings, the Fassatherm External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) is a true thermally-insulating coating for buildings, safely guaranteeing protection against both heat and cold, improving indoor comfort, saving on energy costs and reducing environmental impact. The Fassatherm System has obtained European Technical Approval (ETA), attesting its technical suitability for guaranteeing optimum efficiency and durability in thermal insulation applications.

What is the purpose of an External
Thermal Insulation Composite System
One solution with many advantages
The main advantages of the External Thermal Insulation Composite System are:
Continuous thermal insulation of external vertical walls made using different materials;
No thermal bridges on the facade
No risk of condensation at the thermal bridges;
Higher internal surface temperature of perimeter walls;
Energy benefits in both winter and summer;
Improved indoor comfort;
Greater energy performance of the envelope;
Cost savings for space heating and/or cooling;
Less polluting emissions;
Increased property value.
Fassatherm is the complete External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS). Different solutions
to meet multiple performance needs.
The FASSATHERM ETICS protects the wall against temperature variations, bringing energy benefits in
both winter and summer and ensuring improved indoor comfort.
Protection and durability
Temperature variations lead to the formation of tensions on the exterior surface of structures. For this
reason, cracks and fissures may occur on the facade, allowing infiltration of water and causing breakages
to the finishes and plaster.
The External Thermal Insulation Composite System prevents these phenomena by
protecting the building and extending its lifespan.
For both new and existing buildings
For renovations, the FASSATHERM ETICS System has significant advantages in terms of energy, offering
total protection of the buildings facades, and solving the problem of cracks and fissures on the surfaces.
This is because FASSATHERM ETICS Thermal Insulation and finishes are applied as one system.